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All names that refer to fermented drinks that humans so much enjoy. Alcohol is one of the few intoxicants that are purchased over the counter and legally consumed. Alcohol is used in all manner of social events and it seems some events just aren't complete with out it. We use alcohol for religious ceremonies, as a pain killer, as fuel, for sterilizing, thinning, cooking, cleaning, special occasions or to simply consume. Beer and wine are the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages and are more for drinking whereas stronger drinks are more for sipping.
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Here are the Six Most Expensive Alcohol That Ever Existed  -  A Cognac tops the list at $2,000,000 a bottle!!!
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Finding the Cheapest Alcohol
As I search the web for the stuff you want I will try to link only quality sites.
The only times I may post a link to a shabby looking site is if they offer some alcohol info I know you'd like to see or if they have really cheap alcohol. I already have covered the most expensive ones above... this site is sweet.
Memorable Times With Alcohol...
There's a Drink for Everyone
When I was bartending one evening (we had to pour from miniature bottles which was a Utah state law) I grabbed the wrong bottle and instead of making a gin and tonic, I made a tequila and tonic. YUK!   I decided since I had mis-poured it and was going to throw it away anyways, that I might as well taste it.  YUK!!  It was no more than 2 weeks later when someone actually ordered one... YUK!!!

The Toast
Here's a true story that happened some time back.
A friend and I were attending another friends wedding party. It was out of state and we landed at night. We were immediately taken to the wedding party and had drinks handed to us before we entered the door, if I remember right.

As the night went on, and the consumption of alcohol, I forgot that I was in a room with about 300 people I didn't know.

Our friend "Ted" and his bride to be, "Janis" were great people and I finally decided it was time for a toast. I stood up and started what I wanted to be an elegant and worthy toast. As my eyes jumped from person to person I realized that I didn't know any of these people!!! AND they were all patiently quiet and waiting for my toast. I was so embarrassed that I blurted out "Here's a toast to "Jed" and "Tanis". Realizing the mistake I had made, not another sound would come from my lips... so I sat down. That was my elegant toast.  :))
The kicker is... the next day I realized that everyone else was in the same party mode and had probably heard the names and thought they were right.

Fermented beverages have always been with us. Here's some old names you've probably heard of.
Grog, commonly used as a general term for any alcoholic beverage made by mixing several ingredients. Originally grog was made with water or a weak beer and rum and will forever be associated with sailors. Bumboo, although less heard of, was a favorite among sailors and was made by mixing rum with water, sugar and nutmeg.

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